Rex the Reclaim Bear, also known as Rex Bear, was created in 2013 by entrepreneurs who have a passion in conservation. The idea of creating Rex the Reclaim Bear came about when the effects of greenhouse emissions and pollutions became more than evident within our environment. So, to give our best efforts with increasing awareness of negative pollutants and emissions, Rex Bear was born. In 2013-14 we began forming eco-friendly cleaning and growth products that are 100% organic. These products are a blend of fish oils, kelp, and various amino acids and minerals. These items are still available, but we have decided to expand our available items for purchase to apparel and various Rex Bear gear!  In an effort to reverse these effects and to change the habits of our communities worldwide, 10% of every sale will go towards Polar Bears International. Polar Bears International is an organization that resides in Bozeman, Montana that is dedicated to securing the future of polar bears. Without our action, scientists predict that the polar bear population could completely diminish by the year 2100. We hope you will join us in our endeavors, and would love to have you as a Rex Bear supporter.