Rex The Reclaim Bear, has a steadfast mission to do the best we can to preserve the past and save the future by creating means and products that keep our environment clean and safe. Rex The Reclaim Bear also manufactures and distributes products that are environmentally friendly. This is just the beginning, our research and development team is currently working on more products that will be on the market soon. Most of these are apparel and other various items. The two environmentally friendly products we currently have are Rex’s Wonder Grow for agriculture and our Rex’s Industrial Strength Multi-Purpose Cleaner for home and commercial usage.

Inspiration for the development of Rex came straight from the diminishing population of the polar bears. Studies show that by year 2100 the polar bears will be completely extinct, we are here to reverse this. By creating awareness of the endangerment of the bears, we can do our part in helping fund research and assistance to those who know polar bears best. Which is why every time you make a purchase from Rex Bear, we will proudly donate 10% of the proceeds to Polar Bears International. 

Rex The Reclaim Bear encourages conservation and believes that by educating our children and young adults about why it is so important to preserve and take care of the natural resources provided by earth, we believe that maybe a sense of social responsibility to our environment will continue to carry onward to future generations. One of the most important natural resources we have on our planet is water. Rex The Reclaim Bear summarizes the vitality of water in one simple phrase, “the key to life, every drop counts.” Simply, for a lack of better words, without water, life would cease to exist as we know it.

Despite being a small piece of the pie, we will remain committed to creating means and products that will be environmentally friendly, we will continue to educate and help people learn about conservation and why it is so important to preserve what has taken tens, hundreds, thousands and millions years to be created, rather than destroyed.